Our Life's Work

Good evening from sitting under a magical sky right now! We've had rain showers off and on all day and sunbeams sneaking their way through enormous puffy white clouds...hello rainbows. True Story. 

We'll, it's another Friday, but this one feels a bit different. I think this area in particular is feeling a sense of relief as the political climate calms down and vaccinations are rolling out. I found myself reflecting these first few weeks of the year on too many things! The pile of new books I brought to our get-away on the coast never saw my eyeballs. Sooo very distracted. Then the Bernie Memes hit, I don't think I've laughed so much in one single day than I did yesterday. The Breakfast Club Meme got me the most...hilarious. 

Back to reflecting...the life of owning and operating a small business is mostly fueled by passion sprinkled with fear of the unknown. The beginning of this year I've had my head deep into accounting and sales projects, because well frankly, I'm excited about 2021 and the years following for Smith Story Wine Cellars. We've "proven our concept" as they say in Silicon Valley. Recent reviews and press continue to help "Share the Smith Story" and we are so very honored for the great press! 

Now's the time to focus on enjoying this journey with Eric. We honestly have only had a few weeks over the last 7 years to relax and breathe it all in. Sunday's are going back to a family day off for us to start. We're also focused more than ever this year to purchase a forever home and property. It's harder than we've ever imagined, but we're determined. I personally can't wait to have you over for dinner! 

"Your life's work Ali, you two should be very proud of all that you have accomplished in such a short time", a recent big-brain told us. Yes, Smith Story Wine Cellars is "our life's work". Keep your eyes on us and of course Smith Story wine in your glass! 

It's a beautiful thing,

Ali Story 

Thank you Bernie Sanders for the laughs this week, your a good man! 


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