A mixed bag

March 31, 2020 

Where are we today?  Grab a glass, this is a long one folks, I've been missing conversation (and hugs!) with our guests, so written word has to take the place of chatting in person these days. Eric and I are healthy, Sandwich finally got a bath, plenty of food in the pantry and loads of wine to keep us sipping and shipping out. The last two weeks have been a mix of emotions! Incredibly scary...we've been gutted by the news of a close friend hospitalized with the virus in Dallas and we've lost  80-90% of our on-premise sales channel due to restaurant closures so far. 

Our hearts are heavy for our partners in the service and hospitality sector. The Covid-19 recovery is going to be such a challenge, it's near complete devastation to the restaurant industry and to so many business sectors and families. We remain hopeful and delicate with you each. 

We will continue to raise our evening glass (or three) to our business partners and also to the medical professionals across the world, our true heros. Finding little things to celebrate in our daily lives has kept us sane (so far). Ordering curb-side dinner pick up for us and others has become something we really look forward to and enjoy.  Kids at home? Oh we raise a full bottle to you parents struggling, you can do this!  

We are also humbled by bit of good news to share with you all.  The last few weeks Smth Story has been lifted up by the media in Fortune Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, The North Bay Business Journal and received very high scores and reviews from the International Wine Review. As we said before, NO GUTS NO STORY! Smith Story Wine Cellars will continue to do everything possible to provide beautiful wines at a fair price to you. This we know.  I still have 3-4 more newly published articles to post IN THE PRESS on our website.  

OHHHHH... A New Wine Addition on the Website for Purchase:  The Lord Sandwich Red Table Wine is back and will begin shipping out April 17th! Please purchase separately or this will hold up your entire order. This 3rd release was our fastest selling red wine last year, don't miss out. 

We are offering 10% off the price of a 4-bottle purchase or more. Please use the promo code: socks at checkout.  This red blend from Mendocino County is soooo good, our favorite Lord Sandwich Red release yet!  

It's 5:30 pm and I'm typing this from home today after taking a break from our new-found shipping warehouse in our Anderson Valley tasting room. We've been sheltering in place for over two weeks now since we've have to physically close our doors. 

The bright side...SIP at home has become a big deal across America that has kept us busy!  Thank you so much for your support and telling others to support Smith Story and small wineries like ours too.  

We have nearly completed our Storytellers Wine Club Spring 2020 Wine shipment orders, less than 4 members have had to pause their membership and most members have added a few more bottles of Smith Story to help relax at home. It's been wonderful to reconnect with so many of you this month! Our Spring 2020 Wine Release will remain open for another 30 days online. You may join The Storytellers to receive wines of course and additional benefits.  

Off to cook dinner, SIP a little and dive into a show or two. The quiet of the Anderson Valley has always been comforting, especially now.  

With Love and Gratitude,  

Ali Story  
Co-Founder * President  

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