Good News

Good news, we are only sharing good news with you! Yes we are sleep deprived, mentally toast, need a few hours at the beauty shop, stuffing our faces with The Storysfresh baked bread daily, but the show must go on!  

Good News #1: Tomorrow! Tomorrow I love ya, tomorrow!  The 3 of us are heading to San Jose through Silicon Valley making Porch Deliveries. Please place your orders by 5pm today  so we can route. This is a FREE shipping option for you.  

Good News #2: UPS NEXT DAY Air:  $20 shipping on all 12 bottles purchases, that’s only a case of wine folks!  UPS gave us a break on overnight rates, it’s imperative that you place the updated and correct shipping address so wines don’t take an extra day of riding with the UPS driver. This is a lifesaver for us, our carrier shipping fees have hit an all-time record high these last few weeks. Wine is heavy and perishable in hot weather conditions, let’s get wine to you safe and sound! May 18th is the first shipping date, please get your orders in so we can procure enough shipping materials.  

Good News #3:  2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir: last May you guys purchased 140 cases of our rosé, let do it again! A May special $16 a bottle until June 1. It’s absolutely drinking fantastic right now too.  

Good News #4: Texas friends, Central Market across the state now has our Sauvignon Blanc at $19.99, please continue to support and ask for Smith Story Wines. HEB also carries our Riesling and can bring in what you want as well. Please continue to support the restaurant and wine bar accounts who have been supporting Smith Story, their hustle game to keep us in the spotlight has been so inspiring. We are so grateful for this continued business!  

Good News #5:  We opened our wine library and decided to pull our 2017 Filigreen Farm Organic Pinot Gris for you. We were trying to age this for a few more years, but too many of you have been asking for it. Only 9 cases available. $40 a bottle. A true love letter to our winemaking friends in Alsace, Eric’s been an expert for quite a long time of all things Alsatian wine. Don’t hesitate, this will go fast...oh we’ll miss this one so much. 

Good News #6:  We are not freaking out yet.. we received some good news that CA wineries and tasting rooms may be able to reopen within weeks instead of months now. It’s up to our county elected officials to decide. Fingers and paws crossed, this will be the BEST news! Our spring and summer tasting room sales are crucial to our fiscal needs. We knew starting and running a winery would present challenges, we never imagined a pandemic disrupting like this, who the heck did? We have our health, strong coffee, the best winery dog on earth and look forward to celebrating our 7th Anniversary on May 14th!  

To recap and remind you:  

  • Free Shipping: Bay Area Porch Delivery days are now on the Happenings page 
  • Next Day Air: $20 on all 12 bottle orders 
  • Rosé all Day: $16 a bottle of Smith Story Rosé through the end of May 
  • The last 9 cases of our 2017 Pinot Gris is now available for purchase  
  • In your neighborhood: Wholesale partners in these states have inventory: Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Massachusetts. California places of business can contact me directly for Smith Story wines 
  • Use the “LiveAloha” Promo Code on a 6 bottle purchase or more of our Sauvignon Blanc. 
  • May 14 - please open a bottle of Smith Story Wines and toast to us, it should be the best night of the year knowing you are out there thinking of us and enjoying Smith Story wines with us! 7 years!!!  

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR FAMILY WINERY!  Sharing our story and emails with your neighbors, coworkers, friends and families has been so fantastic. "We haven't gone this far to just get this far".  Smith Story Wine Cellars is a true story of what 2 people can do with passion, experience and guts. The All American Wine Story indeed!  

Peace and Love as always.  
Ali Story

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