It's been awhile

July 9, 2020 

It’s been awhile!   

How are you doing?  Behind the scenes these past few weeks for us have been exciting and at times overwhelming to be very honest. We are pretty darn exhausted but incredibly grateful to be living and working in the beautiful Anderson Valley. It was 48 degrees here overnight! 

We went straight from the stress of  Kincaid fire evacuations into the holiday season then moved houses in January, ran around the nation in February to work with wholesalers then BLAMMO…Covid-19 hit our industry harder than we could have ever imagined. Our porch deliveries around the bay area were a major success during shelter-in-place and no doubt brought big smiles behind the masks for both us and the dear families we delivered wine to. Then the June-Gloom hit! The month of June was our worst sales month on record as the tasting room remained closed & we retreated to revising our next 24 month production and sales forecasts. Entrepreneurship during a global health pandemic, overdue racial justice reckoning and the worst US economic crisis since the great depression...whew, it’s so much.  

So where are we today? Good News... 

#1 selling Smith Story Wine of 2020? It's our 2016 and newly released 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon from Pickberry Vineyard! A close second is our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc... both equally perfect companions this summer wherever you are.  

Anderson Valley Wine Tastings: We are now open by appt. only Monday-Saturday. To keep us and our guests safe we are allowing 45 minute private tastings only at this time at the top of the hour 11-5pm. Reservations need to be made to help us manage in real-time & maintain protocols for hosting in our tasting room. Walk-ins are welcome IF there is no current wine tasting inside. 

If you are a Storyteller Wine Club member, tastings are complimentary. This fall we are adding a benefit for wine club members which includes private tastings with us under the Redwoods in Anderson Valley and tailgating in the vineyards in Sonoma County.  

To reserve your tasting appt. and details: 

Philo/Anderson Valley Will-Call: orders can be picked up anytime but Sundays, we have a new sign on the front door to please knock before entering. SO MANY NEW RULES! Blah! But we are remain very focused on keeping everyone safe while enjoying their time with us in the Anderson Valley. Speaking of, no tastings/will call pickups  in Windsor these days, we hardly have time in the day for our 5 minute commute from Boonville to Philo. 

Harvest 2020: the fruit-sets in the vineyards are looking very healthy! We haven’t had much rain but the temps have been fairly mild so far. We’re most excited about our expansion in the Sonoma Mountain AVA with our grower partner who’s grafted more organically farmed Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc for us. We are also harvesting Syrah for the first time ever, a project Ali is leading that will soon be our very first ‘Carbonic Red” wine.  

Summer Fun 2020 

This Weekend: Stop by for a “Helluva Summer Slushee” and/or a "Philo Freeze" in our tasting room too. A new FUN offering to keep things chill this summer and well into harvest. The Helluva Summer Slushee is 100% pinot noir and the Philo Freeze is 100% apple juice from the Philo Apple Farm. We’ve expanded to the patio courtyard in front of our entrance for to-go orders only. The new restaurant (opening any day now!) Wickson is focusing on carry-out orders and has created a lovely patio area in the back of The Madrones to dine. For now, it's BYOS with us (bring your own sandwich) and enjoy Smith Story Wines while relaxing under a shaded patio listening to the magical wind chimes we adore so much.  

Texas White Glove Shipping: $40 door to door on a case of wine (12 bottles) Promo code: TexasWhiteGlove upon checkout.  IF you live in Texas however, our wholesaler is Southern Glazer’s and has inventory. Our wines are available in Central Market and a few HEBs among a few dozen independent wine shops  and restaurants too. Heat is the enemy of wine, so we sent a good amount through this wholesale channel to arrive safely to your own glass especially during the summer months.  

July 15...Marin County and San Francisco (Complimentary) Porch Delivery: Please place your orders by next Tuesday by 5pm. We’re on the one on Wednesday to delivery door-to-door while we’re making a few restaurant deliveries as well. We politely ask that you order at least 4 bottles or more for porch delivery.  

Summer Shipping: It’s hot out there. We prefer to place online orders on heat-hold until we see 7 days straight of temps below 80 degrees. Other that this, next day air is the only safe choice shipping wine west of NorCal.  

Keeping this one short, from the bottom of our hearts we continue to be encouraged by your enthusiasm and support, thank you for cheering on “The All American Wine Story”. We are ready for some summer fun!!!!!!!!!!! 

Peace and Love,  

Eric and Ali Story 

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