Labor Day Weekend Update

What What??? Where did summer go? We have not stopped! So much to tell you about.smith story fall wine release

Most Important: Our Fall 2018 Wine Release is now live and available for purchase. Please visit the Wine Shop page for details. This release is our most prestigious one yet, these three wines have gained epic notoriety over the past few years.

Three single vineyard wine offerings, 40 cases of 2016 Lakota's View Sémillon, 180 cases of 2016 Nash Mill Vineyard Pinot Noir (the 2015 was the highest scoring Pinot from the Anderson Valley on, this is a big deal) and the 2016 Cabernet Franc at 200 cases that our fans have been screaming for. Our hope is to have a complete Fall 2018 Wine Release sell-out of these wines so we can take a vacation in December! True Story. Get on it! Tell your friends to purchase direct from the winery, doubtful that these wines will make it outside of the winery shelves. 

Crazy cool press: we are thrilled to see Smith Story Wine Cellars featured all year long among the national, regional and wine media. Please visit our Accolades and Press page, pour a glass of Smith Story and read up! What a joy it's been to see other folks telling Our Story!

Smith Story Happenings: our calendar is booked with events from "sea to shining sea". We ask for your support more than ever at our events, we've been bragging about our Storytellers and fans, nothing better than pressspending time with you in person! Dallas, Napa, Mill Valley, Houston, Mendocino, San Francisco...more to add to our calendar soon too. Visit our Happenings page for details. 

Tasting Room News: We've been packed with fantastic guests visiting from all over the country this weekend in both tasting rooms. Please don't forget to suggest Smith Story to your traveling wine country friends. The last few weeks have been slow due to the fires North of us...particularly in the Anderson Valley we've suffered and we are among dozens of family owned wineries who are counting on busy tasting rooms. All tasting appt. details are listed on our VISIT page, come see us! 

Harvest 2018: We haven't picked a single grape yet! This is our first harvest in 5 years that August was a no-show. We are OK with this on a personal level because we pretty exhausted already from a busy year. A few more days of deep breathing ...looks like our Sauvignon Blanc and/or Helluva Vineyard Pinot Noir will be the first grapes on the sorting table... in like a week or so. We are vigorously checking our vineyards for sugar levels and tastiness. By far, it's the best growing set of grapes we've seen yet, especially in the Anderson Valley. BIG news to share about a new vineyard partner coming soon too. We're over the moon about it! 

Ok, more coffee...cheers to a great Labor Day Weekend!  

Love, Eric, Ali and Lord Sandwich. 

PS: our #1 selling wine right now is our new 2017 Lord Sandwich Blanc release! We have hardly told ya'll about it but the word is spreading fast about this gorgeous blend of sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and verdelho for $20 a bottle! Thank you! 


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