Pass the tissues please

Share Joy.  
The Real Gift of Smith Story Wines. 

In general, I hope the gift of wine never ends. “Giving is fun” is our mantra which rings true for the winery too.  

As of today, we are heading into a record month of gift orders. Our Smith Story circle of wine lovers are givers! Let me tell you this... Smith Story wines are on the way from a Grandpa to his Grandson graduating Medical School. Bottles heading with messages of great love and joy in celebration of new babies and proud parents. Appreciation wine & hilarious notes to teachers. Awesome “Congrats on kicking cancer”, messages. Oh then a few too many ...In loving memory notes and gifts sent to families who’ve lost both 2 and 4 legged loved ones this year. It goes on... gifts and thoughtful messages to clients who have allowed businesses to thrive. Heartfelt inspiring messages & individually selected wine from bosses for team members who’ve not flinched from the extra grind this crazy long year. “Helluva Vineyard Pinot Noir” has been a particularly fun play on words for 2020 gifts.  

Your messages included with gift orders often make us stop and share your notes with each other provoking an occasional hug between us. Oh Eric and I needed this silver lining as we get close to the end of the year. I am mostly transcribing messages by hand while Eric is packing up orders these last few days of this weird holiday season. 

The box of tissues on my desk sits empty as I reach to wipe my eyes, trying not to make a mess of things as I write. Thank you for sharing joy & for entrusting us with your most personal and thoughtful reasons to give Smith Story Wines. It truly feels that we ARE all in this together indeed.   

Cheers to you and to hugging your covid-free people for all the right reasons.  

-Ali Story

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