Smith Story Spring 2020 Wine Release

Smith Story Spring 2020 Wine Release is LIVE!

Frankly,  Eric and I are full of emotion tonight as we write. Since our first harvest in 2014 we've lived through earthquakes, investor changes, wildfires, floods, three house moves, three custom crush winery moves and now the corona virus is impacting our tourism in wine country as we were just now recovering from the Kincaid fires and PG&E outages that wiped out wine country travel as usual.  WHEW. Thank God we are both tough as nails, have made thousands of new friends who support us, have received accolades about our wines and tasting rooms beyond our wildest imagination, Sandwich - our steady silly smart winery dog who's just as determined as we are to never give up and oh the wine... our wine continues to impress us with each bottle opened. Insert happy-dance here. 

This year has been full of JOY and off to a wonderful start with press, record number of visitors to our tasting room(s) and new and loyal business partnerships throughout the USA. Today... we are so very proud to offer this Spring 2020 Wine Release to you!  This offering tells a story...

It begins with our teeny-tiny 2018 Sémillon. A gift from this intensely beautiful hillside vineyard that is layered with crushed limestone. Only eight rows of Sémillon grow in all their glory here. A vineyard that won our hearts back in the winter of 2014 while scouting a perfect site to make our Sauvignon Blanc from. The soils are reminiscent of Sancerre, a wine region that is so beloved to us and our love of Sauvignon Blanc. However, the eight rows of Sémillon make the most glorious white wine on its own!  No The vineyard is on it's second owner since we started Smith Story, Amy and Dale have become good friends and are very dedicated to sustainable farming on their precious land. Doesn't hurt that Dale is a master BBQ'er either!

Our Lakota's View Sémillon, a loyal and prestigious wine just like Eric's  dear old Golden Retriever Lakota. His legacy continues to live with each bottle. 

2018 Lakota's View Sémillon details and to purchase. 

The new red wines in this 100% Sonoma Mountain offering are both from the amazing Pickberry VIneyard. It's been hard to hold back tears while finalizing tasting notes for both our Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from this special place, a vineyard owned by another very special family in our lives. 

2017 harvest was nearly perfect for us. Memories of a long growing season and excitement at the winery. Until that horrible night about a week after our last fruit was in from Pickberry, the Tubbs Fire will forever change the landscape and the memories of and made in our dear wine country.

We are grateful to have avoided horriific loss that many of our friends and neighbors were dealt this vintage. Thankful for the vineyard which was a fire-break and saved the homes on the Pickberry Vineyard too. We'll never forget the owners walking into our tasting room on October 29 with big smiles, tired eyes but huge hearts. We hugged and toasted to the future together as we sipped our first release, the 2015 Pickberry Cabernet and Merlot. 

2017 Pickberry Vineyard Merlot details and to purchase


2017 Pickberry VIneyard Cabernet Sauvignon details and to purchase

We know this offering will go fast and will close the evening of Sunday, March 22. Please consider becoming a member of The Storytellers Wine Club if you haven't joined already. Not only does membership include great benefits of discounts and allocations, membership size helps us plan harvest opportunities ahead as a small winery. 

Please login to view your club shipment and/or allocation of each wine.  

Thank you for believing in us and loving Smith Story Wines!  Reach out anytime via live-chat on the purchase page or send an email. We hope to see you all soon too, thanks for being a part of Our Story. 

Peace and Love, 

Ali & Eric Story 



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