Sparkling Wine is on our Mind!

It's April 17th already!! This year has been packed and the highlight so far is truly a special focus we've envisioned for years.

Soon we'll have our very first Smith Story Sparkling Brut for the world (well at least 400 cases worth) to enjoy. More details coming soon to the website. One last step, we're waiting for the labels to arrive from the printer at this point. Soon, very soon we can  and will officially "pop corks" with you!

The back label is as lovely as the front. We began working with a design team located on the coast near us here in the Anderson Valley.  A invorgating project for all, one that we are so very proud of from the inside out! Stay tuned for the upcoming Sparkling Brut release date. Soon - not soon enough!  - Ali 


smith story sparkling brut back label

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