August 21, 2020 

Well. Gulp. 

In the midst of the worst year ever, Smith Story Wine Cellars continues to receive big praise. Bittersweet and uncomfortable to share GOOD NEWS again especially in the midst of a massive wildfire crises across California, numerous other states and... now looming hurricanes threatening Texas and Louisiana. 2020 is roaring loudly.  

But we want to thank you. Thank you for voting for the USA Today 10Best Tasting Rooms. We’re thrilled to have made the USA Today 10Best Readers Choice 2020, the #9 spot! A giant accolade for our new winery and tasting room that is under 4 years old and powered by the 3 of us. Smith Story ranked among giants in industry and also inspirational wineries like Davis Family Vineyards in Healdsburg who took the #3 spot and a family we have known closely for nearly 16 years. We remain hopeful that this time next year, the world and nation will be healthy and free to travel here to visit! The year began with SF Chronicle selection us as one of the Top 52 Wineries to Visit in 2020. Oh we need a do-over year please!!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
It is our pledge to you that 1) our wines continue to exceed your expectations 2) that our hospitality will always make you feel welcome here in our place in the Anderson Valley or tailgating together in a vineyard among the rolling vines.  It is a pure honor to have your support! Details on how to find us and make a reservation are on our VISIT page.  

As far as the fires, more evacuations are happening particularly in the deep forest areas between Dry Creek Valley and River Rd. which runs east to west from Hwy 101 to Hwy 1 in Jenner.  We again are praying hard for our friends and neighbors, it is an incredibly difficult time for families, family owned farms, wineries and restaurants in our dear state of California. How can you help? Demand small producers like Smith Story in your favorite wine shop, tell your favorite restaurant about Smith Story, join our wine club - The Storytellers fall release is coming soon. Please keep us close!  

This morning, Eric is at the winery preparing for bottling next week in Sonoma. Lord Sandwich and I are hosting out on the Smith Story Weingarten today and are looking forward to seeing long time friends relaxing with Smith Story Wines. The Anderson Valley continues to be fire and smoke free, what a blessing! We’ll continue to update you on the state of the fires and harvest in the coming days. We’re also updating our Instagram (IG: SmithStoryWines) several times a day and have included a video from last night’s live broadcast of The Real Sarahs to enjoy as well.  

Peace and love, y’all mean the world to us!  

Ali Story 

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