The title tonight pretty much sums up the last few days, weeks, months and 6 years since we birthed Smith Story Wine Cellars. Looking back, we've accomplished everything we planned on and overcame a huge bump (more like potholes) in the road with and investor, shitty wholesale partners, and a couple of grape growers who think they don't stink where the sun don't shine. Every single day is a new day and we've now made and sold thousands of cases of wine! 

This business is TOUGH. We knew this. We are succeeding at every level, however, every single bottle sold counts. This is how we pay our bills and continue to grow our business. Eric and I aren't driving around in new shiny Bentleys, we've bought less than 10 pieces of new clothing in 6 years, our shoes are worn the hell out, our eyes have new wrinkles around them and we feel stupid tired, I've gained weight, Eric's lost weight... the stress of running a small business especially one that creates fine wine from the ground is unreal and overwhelming ...but not all of the time. 

The wonderful part... is you. YOU are our inspiration! You have made us who we are today. Our obligation to you, you who believe in us and what we set out to do 6 years ago matter. You matter so much to us. Our Story, it's really lucky to mean something to people these days. Our story has lived, thrived and continues to be supported by your love, kindness and generosity. 100% of our revenue goes back into the business. 100%!!!!!!!!!!

I heard over the weekend of a local-established-winery that produces well over 100x the amount of wines we do... they host 45,000 visitors a year! Holy smokes!  We're happy with a few thousand a year, a few thousand more would absolutely allow us to make this not-so-hard anymore though. It's tough out there these days. Everyone is busy, busier than ever before with family, work and lifestyle events and obligations. This is where YOU can continue to make an impact... keep buying from if you can't make it out to California. We offer options to ship and will call wines too! Also, keep supporting your local wine shops and restaurants who carry our wines, keep asking your favorite places to add Smith Story Wine Cellars to their shelves and wine lists. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. 

Keep Sharing the Smith Story. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE YOU WITH US! 


-Ali (and Eric) Story

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