Denver to Santa Rosa

It's not often that we sing praises about airlines! You can now jump on a flight from Denver to Santa Rosa and walk into the winery in under 4 hours.  A total game changer... AND you can check cases of…

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Last Call... Spring 2019 Wine Release.


Our 5th Smith Story Spring Release Closes at Midnight. 

5 years, 5 years ago we had the same butterflies in our stomach as we do right now. We are beyond thrilled to produce fine…

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Let's talk fine wine for a minute here... and why our wine is worth the price tag, and then some. 

Ali recently spoke on a panel with winemakers who are in charge of wineries that produce 1 million cases…

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Starting 2019 with a BANG!

Introducing the 2018 Hot Brands from Wine Business Monthly: SMITH STORY WINE CELLARS 

"The All-American Wine Story" 

We are excited to finally announce our BIG NEWS to you today. Wine Business Monthly (the premier wine industry news source)…

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Asking for a friend...

Dear Friends of Smith Story, 

As you know we are celebrating a milestone this year. Having completed our 5th Harvest, we have "Helluva" big news to share with you in the coming days but, first we have a big…

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The thing about Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon has rarely been at the table without good friends over the past decade. It's become a academic wine of sorts for us. Opening to smell, see and taste the history in each bottle. Talk about the familes who…

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"Dont fuck around with your drummer", a quote from the newly released Coldplay Documentary we watched Thanksgiving night. This statement made us chuckle, remove drummer and insert Smith Story and it rings true. We mean that in the nicest way…

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Y'all! Texas was so fantastic!

Last February we began working with HEB and SGWS about a special Smith Story and Lord Sandwich promotion this fall. After many months of planning, Ali and Lord Sandwich road-tripped to Texas for a week of events all over the…

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Harvest 2018: Slow & Steady

Our fifth vintage, hard and fantastic to believe! This vintage started off very much like last year, slow and steady. Difference being, this year has remained slow and steady where we had a late, crazy heat spike right at pick…

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Dear Friends in 2014

A letter to my friends in 2014:  Just a reminder that I started a winery with the love of my life in 2014. 

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. Yeah, I hear you on “she hasn’t lost that…

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Meet our Director of Hospitality

This year has been filled with milestones and exciting moments... Smith Story Wine Cellars is thrilled to welcome Will Kinney to our team!

Will comes to us most recently from The Charter Oak in the #NapaValley with a long…

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Extended Fall Release Date!


We've extended the deadline through September 25, 2018. 

Tuesday, September 25 at midnight PST is now the deadline to place your orders and/or join The Storytellers Wine Club to receive allocation and…

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Labor Day Weekend Update

What What??? Where did summer go? We have not stopped! So much to tell you about.

Most Important: Our Fall 2018 Wine Release is now live and available for purchase. Please visit the Wine Shop page for details. This…

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The Chapters 100th post, meet our first employee!

A fitting celebration on The Chapters today. 100 posts later, typing this brings us much joy!  Meet our new National Ambassador and our very first full-time employee, Andy Bartee. Welcome to Smith Story Wine Cellars Andy!  Ali and Andy have…

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Holy Press!

After decades of reading Food and Wine Magazine and The Press Democrat... Smith Story made both publications!

This is so fun and important to us. Please take time to read the beautiful Food and Wine feature on the Anderson…

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Burning Fierce

hey just a quick note to tell you how rad you and eric are. you guys fire me up. thanks for not simply existing, but burning fierce.

This came from a friend in the wine business over FB messenger…

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5 years of Smith Story Wine Cellars

The month of May is always a good one, our wedding and winery anniversaries as well as family birthdays and the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival weekend. May 2018 is extra sweet. 5 years.... 5 years ago our business plan…

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Curious Wine Drinkers

Last weekend before opening our doors I was updating our welcome signs while Eric swept the patio at the Anderson Valley tasting room ... we overheard 2 couples talking about what wines they liked and didn't. They had just visited…

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Our 95th Post on The Chapters...WE BOOKED OUR FIRST VACATION IN 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True Story.

We're off to the Big Island in a month for 4 nights of shuteye after 4 afternoons of sitting our tushies in the sand…

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