The Introduction

Oh here we go, onto a new chapter for Eric & I as we've reached our 1 year wedding anniversary.  Today marks the official debut of  Smith Story Wine Cellars - giving birth of sorts to our newest little bundle of joy!  

Best to answer the top questions of the day:  

Yes - we are still 100% working our regular jobs (K&L Wine Merchants & TexaCali Wine Co.) and are grateful for your continued enthusiasm of our wine regions and winery clients we support so diligently.  To quote the pioneering Philip Togni we are not starting "with a small fortune". We are working like mad to make this next Chapter in our lives come together and prosper.

NO - we are not producing Riesling from California, we feel it's best to leave that up to our pals over in Germany. 

Many elements of our beginnings are written on the website, but I must be honest here and tell the world that for over a decade, the vision of walking through a vineyard in the Anderson Valley hand-in-hand with Eric Story along with our loyal dogs has stuck with me each and every day.  

The winery name was spontaneously created while sitting & sipping rum on the stunning Mauna Kea beach on the Big Island of Hawaii ... where we tied-the-knot 12 months ago in the hills of Holualoa.  Eric and I both paused after hearing Smith Story Wine Cellars. Though not sure who blurted it out first, we thought the name had a nice ring, and man could our stories go far and wide with all that we've worked so hard to accomplish in the wine business over the past decade.

So I ask you to follow Our Chapters, become involved with Our Story and please support our new small family business.  The best way to do so now is to sign up for our mailing list.

Yeah yeah, we are following our dreams and all that, but it's our biggest wish to create a sustainable winery that can support not only the 2 of us, but all the vineyard growers we partner with, our wonderful winemaking team and everyone else involved with the entire supply chain of making and selling fine wines from California.

A number can't possibly be guessed on the many wine producers that have inspired us in our lifetime.  Eric and I are so very humbled and honored to start this new chapter in our lives. 

This is Our Story,


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