Essential? Are We?

June 4, 2020 

Essential? What does this word mean to us? What does essential mean to our customers?  These discussions between the two of us have taken a back seat this week to the importance of discussing racial equality.  

It’s been difficult since losing our good friend Wade Sanders to Covid-19 weeks ago and now intense and historic events this week in particular have made it challenging to want to focus on wine promotion.  Beyond creating our own livelihood and providing a few jobs for the international wine supply chain, we have questioned how essential our family business is and has become during the pandemic and historic time for racial equality in our nation. 

Your recent emails, comments and phone calls have confirmed that we are providing something happy to sip, something inspiring to talk about and that our wines have become an essential part of your lives.  🍷  Our wholesale teams, our warehouse staffs, our farmers, vineyard workers, truck drivers, packaging store staffs, wine directors, sommeliers...the list of essential workers in our life is a big one. Yes, we would all like to get back to selling a ton of wine sooner than later.   

Freedom in this country allowed the two of us to start a company together, to do so, we didn’t have to fight prejudice (at any time in our life) because of the color of our skin. We learned this week that many of our black male friends are always looking over their shoulders when standing their own front yard, black mothers hold so much more worry in their hearts than white mothers when their children are not at home. This has to change in America.  

Eric and I refuse to be silent, we pledge to understand more about how to change white privilege and make this nation safer and stronger for our black friends and communities who need a united front and justice. We stand with you. We hold expectations high for others and  what this nation can overcome by unity and understanding. We support racial equality and racial justice. Our brothers and sisters with different color skin are heard, have our support ❤️ black lives matter to us.  

Vinous Media founder Antonio Galloni sent an email this morning with touching words “The world’s issues are going to be with us for quite awhile. It is not easy to know what to do. That said, I am 💯 sure that it is not the time to be paralyzed or to stand still, but rather it is time to move forward with conviction, and a greater sense of purpose, in every part of our lives.”  This really spoke to us. We will continue to push our emotions, focus harder and leave our hearts open for the changes and good things ahead for Smith Story Wine Cellars and the world.  

This image of Eric in his element brings a sense of calm and hope today.  Our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc from tank in his glass was as stunning then as it is right now. 💯 farm to bottle, nothing added, clean crisp #whitewine for the world to enjoy now more than ever. ☀️  We made plenty with plans to have this one on wine shop shelves and in restaurants across the nation, keep asking for Smith Story!  

Thank you for your deeply loyal support of our family business. Cheers to peace, love and understanding.  - The Storys 

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