Good News (again)

June 10, 2020 

Unchartered Territory 

GOOD NEWS! Here comes summer in the Anderson Valley (finally). We are green-lighted by the county to open!  First things first, give us a good week to dust our shelves and detail out our new protocol since this is truly uncharted territory. We do need to be "appt. only" since our space is not large here in Philo, so our reservation system will be in full effect for the remainder of the year. Business is resuming, but it will never again be business-as-it-was. 

Winery appts: We are not going to be available at the winery in Windsor, as we're limiting our exposure out of county for a long while. Even though the Anderson Valley is only a couple hours away from major cities such as Oakland and San Francisco, we are "in the country" as Eric reminds me daily. There are only 14 ICU beds here in Mendocino County, so slowly opening and taking every single safety precaution possible is our focus. Look for local lodging to do the same and begin taking overnight reservations in the coming weeks. Our health and the health of our guests and community remain the single most important focus as we begin to open our doors and host guests.  


  • Oh... make sure your orders for San Francisco Porch Delivery this Friday are placed by 5pm tomorrow please too, it's been a hot weather week, so our shipping as been very slow. 
  • THANK YOU for Sharing the Smith Story with you local wine shops, clubs and restaurants. Our mailing list members are opening doors for us with other family owned businesses, we are thrilled!  
  • A few very cool and fun things in the works, a bigger update coming in the next few days. In theme with prior years, one epic Endless Smith Story Summer is ahead with clean hands and masks on of course.  
  • Thank you for all your messages last week, we are encouraged and inspired by so many of you during this historic time in the world and particularly in the US to fiercely support #BlackLivesMatter! We've seen the largest civil rights movement in a generation, and have heard and continue to feel the need to work toward racial justice reforms throughout our own person circles, industry and communities.   

Wine Winesday... I'm going for a glass or three of our 2017 Filigreen Farm Pinot Gris tonight with a tomato basil avocado salad, totally in love with this simple food and wine pairing! More updates soon, thank you as always for being here for us!  

Peace and Love,  
Ali Story 

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