Harvest #6

And so we're off... six years straight for Smith Story Wine Cellars Harvest! Are we excited? Yes. Are we thrilled? No. Why? It's harder than ever to run a small winery and make ends meet. The cost of everything has increased since we began. Wholesale channels are flooded, every mega million dollar company and or couple we've met has snapped up vineyards and wineries around us it seems. More on this subject soon. Oh did we mention this idiotic drink called "White Claw"...yeah, it's flavored malt liquor that Americans are reaching for more than $20 hand-crafted summer wines such as our Rosé and Riesling. Lord help us. 

However, we haven't let the hustle game dissipate. Our sales are up in all areas, our 5th year with strong growth and solid sales increases. We're going into the last quarter of the year with focus ...thank GOD we are also surrounded by good coffee roasters in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties! 

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Today, Ali's running the tasting room up in the Anderson Valley, Will is hosting VIPS at the winery along with Eric who's juggling checking vineyards and running the show in the cellar. Sandwich... he's living his best life of course! 

Thanks for believing in us and Our Story.  Pass the coffee! 

Eric and Ali 

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  • Marina & Brook Freedman
    Marina & Brook Freedman Petaluma
    HUGE Fans of your wine & your doodle! #wondertwindoodles

    HUGE Fans of your wine & your doodle!

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